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Trust me, I'm an engineer

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Cascade Station, Egypt

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Age: 29


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Intentions: See what Happens


Personality: Gentle

Heii ♥
Someone ♥ no matter who :) I LOVE YOU :D
Im Egyptian, was living in ksa.
You maight think im kinda weired at all , but talk me, know the true me then im sure you will like me (: .

I have no real aim. But tho if i wanted something i will get it.
Else I have no dream. Because dreams never come true and I hate to wast my time dreaming.
I have wishes, im not waiting for any wish to happen but just like i always wish if there was a real Superwoman ! :D

You can draw a clear true smile on my face by any radome thing just happen randomly. Like Random Reactions, Emotions, Words, Joks aaand Random feelings ♥

no one can make me sad. Just God when he takes someone. Thanks God for everything ! But it just really pains to know that you won't get to meet that one again.

-If I give you much attention then be sure that I want you to mean something for me.
Else, if you got me once then you got the best thing you could ever had, and if you lost me ONCE then its FOREVER.

Tellin Me sweet words doesnt make me easy goin with you.
I'd rather be alone but not being with fake people.

Now you know me as much as i do :D.
Thanks for Reading ♥
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